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Don’t Be Moved By Not Fair.

Cast your burden on the LORD, and he will sustain you. He will never allow the righteous to be moved.

– Psalm 55:22

Have you ever found yourself in a boxing ring like situation with someone you know instantly will take you down the second you put your gloves up? That is called Not Fair. Almost as if the match is somehow rigged and the only guarantee is you will indeed go down and not succeed in this very unfortunate scenario. Life is full of scenes from movies, or perhaps really, movies are full of scenes from life. What I am trying to get at here though, is we really have no control of what lies before us. We have no control. Sounds depressing, I get it, however, we have choice, not as invigorating as the word CONTROL, but what we choose to do with the choices in our hands, determines the outcomes of our attitudes, our beliefs, and our identities. Our attitudes about what we believe impacts who we say we are. When life throws a curve ball, or time won’t stand still, or you are trying to console your child, but you yourself are trying to figure out this crazy card life has given you, and you have nothing to give but a whisper under the breath, “It’s not fair.” Well, it is Not Fair and Not Fair doesn’t care about you or about me. It only cares about it’s selfish self. When Not Fair faces us, like the opponent it is, in the boxing ring of life, we have a choice. Not Fair is a burden and an ill presence that weighs and chains us down. We don’t have to hold on to Not Fair and beg and pray for Not Fair to leave us be, we can choose to cast Not Fair onto the Lord, because His Word says He will sustain us and He WILL NEVER allow the righteous to be moved. Don’t be moved by Not Fair, it is just not worth it. I encourage you this evening and this week to be moved by the Word of God. Not Fair does not reside in the Word of God, instead it runs from it.

Image Credit: Julie Snyder: Boxing Ledger

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