Seeds Worth Keeping.

But the seeds that fell on the good ground are those who, having heard the word with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience.

-Luke 8:15

Our hearts. Our beautiful, yet complicated hearts bear a tremendous amount of responsibility whether we believe it or not. Our hearts can be challenged, broken, repaired, full, and completely overwhelmed with pain and strife. Despite these things, having our hearts come to a place of acceptance, freedom, and peace should be the hope that can transpire all doubt and shake disbelief right out of the way. However, the daily grind of just living can cause our hearts to shift into cruise control and before we know it…everything is moving away from us while we are still trying to understand where, when, and how did all this happen? Jesus desires for our hearts to not be weighed down and to not be discouraged, but for us to purpose in our hearts to reach forward, to dive into His word and to allow His voice to wash us over as if like a waterfall created from the purest of mountain waters, washing, washing, and again washing….all the mud, mire, filth, wrecked goals, or even failed ambitions, and cleansing us to absolute wholeness. Let not your heart be weary or troubled, but keep it covered in the Word of God, for with hearing comes believing, with believing, knowing and with knowing, an absolute assurance in due time, the fruit in your life will begin to grow and the seeds that were thought of as only seeds, will reveal the hand of the Creator, creating and displaying His faithfulness to those who will only just believe.

Image Credit: Abstract Apple Tree: Patty Baker

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